ALVgear is a steroid shop with the best service and support. You can find such information on their website. It was created 5 years ago and they can boast of the fact that their range of the products is wide enough for now. The customer can find there such brands like Balkan Pharma, Atlas Pharma, Thaiger Pharma. Actually, you can choose from the brands which you prefer or try something new. But if you try something new, you should read about new products the comments and reviews on the other sources. It will be the best insurance for you. 


The customer can find different prices in the categories with the brands. However, prices vary depending on the product selection. Some brands are overvalued. Most often, the beginner can’t afford to buy expensive gear.  It makes this shop unattractive because there is a big list of shops with the low prices and the same quality of the AAS.


It can be argued that the provided brands are high quality. Looking for reviews about the experience of the usage of this gear is difficult. The main reviews are on the home page and they are very few.


ALVgear writes that they send the packages directly from the warehouses. The delivery time is various. You can get your package in 7 days and also in 21 days. All depends on your location and which shopping option you have chosen. Also, they guarantee reship but only in certain countries. I didn’t find the impressions of the customers about the delivery. There are some feedbacks on the homepage but it is difficult to read.

Customer service

The customer can find the life chat in the bottom right corner. I tried to write them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the answer. However, the support replied on the email within 3 hours. The best way will be to write an email.


Finally, the current website design is outdated, simple, and very static. But the finding needed information is easy. There are separate sections of categories of the products, my account and about us.


The prices, quality, customer service have some issues, but in all is quite good website. Some items should be corrected and may be ALVgear will have more customers and more trust in the future.