Review review

The first that needs to be said that Bodybuilderschoice provides legally obtaining of anabolic steroids and other medications by email from foreign European, United States of America, Asian etc. pharmacies. There are only genuine products, they don’t sell fakes. Also, they offer the lowest prices on steroids, highest quality product, complete confidentiality, and excellent customer service. Such great information you can find in their section “About us”. Now will see what is true here and where is the lie.


The customer can see here the average prices. The prices are not low. They have no discounts but in spite of that, they have a wide range of anabolic steroids. You have the choice the products which you prefer. The choice of the AAS is quite good. It is a big plus for them.


Unfortunately, I found a lot of reviews where the customer wrote that he didn’t receive the order. And there is a great number of the similar reviews. I think the person who wants to order from this steroid shop should think many times before the making the order.

Customer service

There are a lot of negative reviews from their customers. Most of all they are displeased with the customer service. A lot of reviews where is written that Bodybuilderschoice is a scam and people should not buy here the gear because they will lose the money and will not get the parcel with the ordered drugs.


I dislike how this website is made. It has a lot of gaps. There are a lot of information and text on the homepage. This page should be attractive and to involve the clients with the simplicity of use.


It should be noted that this steroid shop was closed for a while. It means that they had any problems. A lot of bad reviews don’t give the credibility of the potential clients. The service is not on the top and there are already a great number of the disgruntled customers.