Review Review

The supplier says that only high-quality products are offered on the website and for the lowest prices ever. However, many reviews show that it is not true. Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages.


As the seller says, the prices on the website are the lowest anywhere and it is suspicious. It is impossible to sell high-quality brands for low cost because it is pretty expensive to manufacture a good-quality product. Also, they accept only Western Union payments which is not safe. Your ID can be tracked and you might get in trouble for buying illegal substances.


As we said already, quality is not bad for the price but you can’t be 100% sure that it is high-quality. The only way is to check products for its authenticity on official manufacturer’s website.


Just like with most sources, there are problems with delivery. People complaint about cases when they don’t receive all of their goods they ordered or they come much later than promised by the seller.

Customer service

Some customers are satisfied with the support and some are not. It is due to the fact that they sometimes can ignore your message and not reply, or maybe they have some problems with receiving it from you. The reason is unknown.


Website is horrible, it is ugly and the design is old. Developers should take advice and update their website look, make it modern and more professional.


So generally speaking, this source is not safe. First of all, only Western Union is accepted. Second, negative reviews about delivery and customer support. And the quality is not considered high, so it would be probably better to look for another online store to buy gear.