HGHpharma.com Review

hghpharma review

The website belongs to the family of the websites that are distributing and selling pharmacological products for bodybuilding. Generally speaking, it is about steroids. The major part of those who shopped here are satisfied. However, there is an important piece of information that the developers of the website were using fake accounts to boost their ratings. This is not acceptable and unreliable.
The situation regarding the price range of the website is similar to the other related website, so there is no need to go deeply into details. Overall, the majority of the products are relatively affordable, taking into consideration the fact that they cost less than $100, but as usually, there are some that cost more than $100.
Quality is the most controversial aspect of the website. Those people who left their reviews about the work of the website, claim that they are fully satisfied with the quality of the products that they purchased. However, there are some doubts that come from the fact that some people also assure us that the website was using fake accounts to write fake reviews in order to boost their ratings. Moreover, the range of products is not impressive and some are produced domestically in the USA. It implies that they were made illegally and are of poor quality, posing health threats.
There is no negative feedback that was given about delivery. Everyone is claiming to have received their orders. However, one dubious fact is that the website guarantees that the order will arrive within 2-12 working days, regardless of the place where you live. This is not relevant because delivery depends on many factors.
The website is professionally designed. The photo of a girl at the home page is used to attract attention.
You can shop here but be careful.
Grade – 6