How to use testosterone esters properly? Review

How to use testosterone esters properly

How to use testosterone esters properly?

Testosterone is the most effective and safe drug among all existing hormones. It can be used by beginners and also by professional athletes. Testosterone gives perfect results in bodybuilding and in the force sports. This drug can be used during the cutting and during the bulking.

There are also some important factors like availability, price, and effectiveness of this steroid.


Positive effects

  1. One of the positive parts is that the risk of the side effects from using Testosterone is minimal.
  2. You can achieve great results with Testosterone in the short period of time. It applies for the beginners and of course for the professionals.
  3. The athletes who have problems with their ligaments, the using of Testosterone will help to eliminate this problem.
  4. The athletes share about high anabolic effect during the cycle. And also, such effects like increase in muscles, venoucity, and relief. It happens because of the raise of erythrocytes in the blood.
  5. The level of estrogen in the blood increases during the cycle. It is called aromatization. This moment has the good impact on the muscle growth.
  6. The power indicators and endurance increase because of accumulation and regeneration of the glycogen in the liver.
  7. The pituitary function increases.
  8. The muscle regeneration occurs faster after the hard workouts.


Negative effects

  1. All types of Testosterone aromatize in the body. It causes such unpleasant effects like retention of the water and itching in the nipples.
  2. The atrophy of the sex glands.
  3. The deterioration of the quantity and quality of sperm.
  4. Acne, hair loss on the head, body hair growth, the increase of sebaceous glands.


Anyway, the athletes with decreased estrogen in the blood can use Testosterone without the fear of such side effects. They can take Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, and suspension of Testosterone.

However, the athletes with increased estrogen will get the unpleasant effects. They should use Sustanon, Omnadren, and Testosterone Propionate.

In addition, people who have no problems with estrogens can experiment with different drugs for choosing the best steroid for the body.


The mode of application

The dosages of the long-life esters of Testosterone is from 250mg to 750mg weekly. The dosage of the short-life type of Testosterone Propionate is from 50mg every other day to 100mg every day. And the dosage of suspension of Testosterone is from 50 to 100mg per day.