i-fit4life.com Review

i-fit4life-1024x476 review

First of all, the website is often offline, it doesn’t work properly and makes it pretty hard to use. They offer not a big variety of different brands but the ones they have are not bad.


The prices are quite high, it is possible to find the same product of the same quality cheaper on some other website. Some products are not even worth to spend such money.


The good thing is that every product has its detailed description, so you can be sure what exactly you are buying. The quality of the products is good, wouldn’t say it is one of the best but also not bad, it is somewhere in the middle. Another good thing is that they sell different accessories that are very helpful, such as syringes, needles, bac water, etc.


As many costumers say, delivery is good. Rarely there are problems, when people don’t receive their packages. Also, the customer service is not bad at all. They reply to your question during about 24 hours, or sometimes faster.

Costumer service

Usually people say that they get their answers pretty quick. The supplier replies to almost every question and provides needed information.


In conclusion, we can say that usability is not very good, the website is unstable and its difficult sometimes to navigate. Prices are pretty high, quality is average, delivery is good, and service is not bad also. Not a bad source, the chance of being scammed is low.