ironman-st review

The website offers a range of pharmacological products that can be used for bodybuilding. All of the products that are sold by the website, are also divided into the four categories, making it easier to find the needed product. By reading the comments of the people who shopped here, the major part of them is satisfied. However, there are several issues associated with shipping and quality.
The range of price cannot be called extensive. Nevertheless, one thing should be admitted – there are considerable fluctuations. The key thing is that a lot of products are found below the price of $100. This is alright for the ordinary customers without high levels of income. But there are also some items that cost $300. This can be hardly afforded by a lot of people.

The older comments about the quality of the products mainly state that it is absolutely fine. However, this is not the story. The latest comment is from the one who has been purchasing from the website for a long time. He acknowledged that he used to enjoy shopping there, but the quality of the products has gone down recently. So, there may be potential health related hazards.

As with any steroids-selling website, there are difficulties when sending products to certain countries where steroids are forbidden. However, the authorities guarantee precise timeframes outlined on the website. They are dubious actually. Generally, they assure that it takes 2 weeks to deliver to any place but if we were realistic, this would not be possible. Besides, some customers claim to not have received their orders. The conclusion is that the website is not honest and sometimes simply makes money.
The website is easy to use and navigate but the design is not professional and attractive.
Not reliable in terms of delivery and quality.
Grade – 6