Kodiakqueen.com Review

kodiakqueen review

This website offers only KodiakQueen products, there is no other choice of brands. Most of positive reviews found on forums are fake. That’s why many people order there relying on fake positive reviews, not knowing the truth.


The prices are pretty high, actually some products cost too much. There is a variety of suppliers which offer the same steroids for a lower price and made by popular trusted manufacturers.


Many reviews say that quality is awesome but as we mentioned before, these reviews are usually fake. There are real reviews where people are not satisfied with the quality of products. They say there are no effects and also many side effects.


Delivery is ok, products are shipped directly from manufacturers. The speed is good and the drugs are well packed. Usually delivery takes about 2 weeks.

Customer service

The supplier is good with clients and replies to messages within 24 hours. There may be some problems with service and you might not get an answer. However, in most cases it doesn’t happen.


Usability of the website is bad; it doesn’t look professional at all. The products are not in order and it is difficult sometimes to find something you need. Of course, the look of the website is not the most important thing but still they should make it easier for their clients to buy steroids.


This supplier is not trustworthy. First of all, only self-made product, no choice of brands. Second, fake positive reviews, concerns about quality and high prices. If you still want to try it, go ahead but we would recommend to find a better source.