Review Review

This website sells injectable and oral steroids made by different manufacturers, also there are products for sexual health and PCT. If you look it up on forums you can find some positive and some negative reviews. A not very good thing is that they sell also UGL roids which are not always safe.


Prices are high, as for not well-known brands. There are other sources which offer high-quality gear produced by professional manufacturers at lower cost. The seller should definitely lower the prices because these substances are not worth the money.


This is probably supplier’s biggest problem. Many customers are not satisfied with the quality of products. They used it even at higher doses and didn’t have any effect at all. Even the blood test didn’t show that there are steroids in the body. Also, there were cases when clients checked products for authenticity on manufacturer’s official website and it appeared that it was fake.

Customer service

The service is also not so good. After finding out that products have no effect or are counterfeited, customers tried to contact the seller but unfortunately, they got no respond. Even when contacting the supplier, he was sometimes impolite and rude.


It seems that there are no problems with the delivery, packages come in time and products are safe and undamaged. So, not everything about the source is that bad.


Website looks quite good and it is convenient to use. There are different filters which improve the process of choosing steroids. However, there is no detailed description of the products, it is considered as a disadvantages, people want to know what is inside.


You probably already noticed that we are not very happy with this store. High prices, low quality, fake products – that’s enough to say why we wouldn’t recommend shopping here. However, we can’t make you do or not do something, so if you purchase any gear here, it is on your own risk. Be smart and choose legit suppliers!