muscle-gear review

It is a Canadian domestic source. Here you can find brands like Teragon Labs, Prosum Pharmaceuticals, Mission Laboratories, and Nurotropin. The website is quite popular and there are plenty of reviews on forums.


Prices are ok, it doesn’t seem that products here are overpriced. The cost is average and also supplier offers discounts when ordering in bulk and for loyal clients.


It appears that all products are legit. However, there are negative reviews where people have concerns about the efficiency of steroids. They say that using some products they didn’t gain weights as expected or didn’t lose it.


Delivery is usually good, as we see in positive reviews. Other people are not satisfied and say that their packages were lost and never arrived.

Customer support

Customer service is not bad, they respond quickly and always try to help their clients. Usually you can get a reply during 24 hours, even on weekends.


The website actually looks good and professional. Everything is simple and clear. Easy ordering process and detailed description of each product.


This supplier might be legit but there are customers who claim that this website is a scam. Also a big disadvantage is that they accept only Western Union payment or cash via courier. Another is that this seller doesn’t ship outside Canada, so you can place an order only if you live in Canada. If you still decide you want to buy some gear here, do it on your own risk.