neomeds review

This source offers a great variety of anabolic steroids. You can find there such brands as Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Laboratories, Dragon Pharma and others. There are many reviews from customers, both positive and negative.


Prices provided by the seller are good. Even some products cost way too low, so it looks suspicious. In general, clients are usually happy with prices because they are affordable. Also, often there are discounts.


Many athletes who ordered form say that products are good-quality. However, there are some clients which were not very satisfied with the effectiveness. Steroids didn’t give them the results they expected.


There are complaints from customers about lost packages. They paid money for the order and seller said that it was shipped but nothing ever arrived. It doesn’t happen all the time but still you can’t be sure that you will receive your goods when ordering here.

Customer service

Customer support is not bad, you can ask any question that bothers you and in most cases you will receive an answer during a day. Anyway, if you didn’t, try contacting them again.


The website is well designed, everything looks modern and convenient. Sometimes it takes long to load and it also would be better if they provided more detailed information about each product.


Not a bad seller, there are positive reviews but still there is a risk to lose money as not every customer received their package. And also, as said before, prices are a little suspicious for such “high-quality” gear. If you order something here, do it on your own risk.