Originalsteroid.net Review

originalsteroid review

The website is pretty popular, it has a big variety of different brands and products. You can find on forums both positive and negative reviews, some people like it and some don’t. We will go through and show its advantages and disadvantages.


The prices on originalsteroid.net are mostly high. Of course, you can find some cheaper products, but most of them cost more when they actually shouldn’t. Some average brands which are not excellent-quality have prices like they are the best brands and they don’t really worth that money. Just because the pictures look great it doesn’t mean you should raise the price.


As we already said, there are high-quality products which of course are expensive but there are also products of not that high quality and they are expensive too. It is not right; people shouldn’t spend a lot of money on such steroids when they can buy a better-quality product for the same price.


We wouldn’t consider the delivery excellent but it is good. Packages arrive on time and usually without any problems. Shipping time is about 2-3 weeks, but it may differ depending on the region and size of the package. The problem is that shipping is more expensive, in comparison to other suppliers.

Costumer service

The seller is quite good with costumers and tries to answer all questions and help everybody. Maybe sometimes they don’t have time to reply to some particular messages but it happens rarely. So, if you don’t get an answer after 24 hours just try it one more time.


The website looks good and it is not very difficult to use. There are different categories where you should be able to find everything you need.


This source would not be a bad choice to buy steroids. It is pretty expensive though, and I think it would be better to find a website with a little cheaper prices for products and shipping. In general, if you are ready to pay such money then this source should be good.