Rbbgear.com Review

rbbgear review

This steroid source is based in Netherlands. It ships both to domestic customers and worldwide. The website offers not a big variety of brands; it sells mostly PureGear. Also accessories, such as needles, syringes, etc.


The quality is not very good. Most of the products offered by the supplier are manufactured by PureGear, which is not very popular brand and is not of a very good quality. It makes this source not very trustworthy.


Prices are very cheap, but it is not a good thing because cheap steroids are often bad-quality. It takes a lot of money to make a good substance and also it is expensive to test it in a lab. We suppose it is not safe to use this gear, don’t risk your health.

Customer service

As people say, customer support is very bad. They are very rude and often ignore messages. It is a big disadvantage of the store. It seems like they don’t care at all about their clients and don’t want anybody to buy their roids.


A lot of negative reviews due to lost packages and very long delivery. Many people say that this website is a scam. Since there are so many same opinions, we can consider that it is true.


It is the worst and ugliest website I’ve ever seen. Seriously! Look at it, it seems like it was made by a beginner developer in 10 minutes. It is very difficult to use, there are no sections, and it takes a lot of time to find any information there.


In conclusion, as you have already noticed, we don’t recommend this supplier. Too many negative reviews and probably, positive reviews are fakes, made to give more popularity to the website