Review review

This website offers a variety of anabolic steroids by popular and non-popular manufacturers. Lately the supplier receives a lot of bad reviews from its customers.


Prices of the products are average, sometimes are too big, and sometimes too low. It seems a little suspicious, but still there are no advantages or disadvantages in prices.


The quality is good, products sold on are authentic and authorized. However, there is no detailed information about manufacturers, which makes the website not very trustworthy.


It became a big problem – a big number of customers never receive their packages. Also, if there are people who get their orders, they usually come much later than expected. For example, the seller says that your package will arrive in 2-3 weeks, but it actually arrives in about 3 months. It is a big disadvantage.

Customer support

Customer service is also poor. They often don’t answer to messages, especially if the message is about a package that didn’t come. The seller does not really care about their clients, which is also very bad.


The website looks bad and it is hard to use. The design is old and as soon as you open the site, it discourages you to buy anything there. It is also difficult for some people to quickly find something they need.


As said earlier, this supplier offers authorized and high-quality products. However, as many experienced people say in their reviews, they often don’t receive their goods. So on many forums this website is considered a scam and many don’t recommend it.