roidspharm review

This store started business in 2004 and is still running it. You can find on the website some popular brands like Balkan, Sciroxx, Kalpa, Geneza, etc. They offer injectable steroids, oral steroids and PCT.


Prices are a little high. It is possible to find legit sellers which offer absolutely the same products with a cheaper cost. Even with the discounts the steroids are quite expensive.

Quality offers both pharma grade and UGL made gear which is not very good. Homebrewed steroids are very dangerous and often are bad-quality.


They ship worldwide and free shipping starts from $600 order. There are many negative reviews from clients which did not receive their packages.

Customer service

The customer whose steroids never arrived messaged the seller many times and didn’t get any reply. It shows that customer support is not very good. There are still people who are satisfied with the service but no everyone, probably the supplier answer only e-mails which don’t content any bad news.


Website is ok. It is not very good and it is not bad, just average. It is not hard to use it and everything is simple and clear. Of course, there are things that could be changed but it is not required, it still looks good and easily usable.


As you probably guessed already, we would not recommend this source. Too many negative reviews and it doesn’t seem very safe to buy gear. Also, with such prices, we advise to look for a cheaper supplier with the high-quality of products.