The first impression about this shop is pretty good. Good choice of the products, no minimum order, special discounts for large orders, express shipping for EU, this information they represent on their home page. In fact, it is a good start. They only offer legit and high-quality products. Really big choice of the products and this is nice for the potential client.



The prices are different. Despite the good choice of the products and popular brands, the prices on some brands are slightly disappointing. Here you can find average prices and in the same time very high. The prices on some brands are too high. It is strange because the buyer can find the other trusted sources with better prices than here. I don’t understand why this shop puts so high prices because there are other steroid shops with the great prices and the same quality.



Actually, they have different delivery types. The simple delivery will take 7-20 days. The delivery duration can be faster and slower. I found a lot of negative feedbacks analyzing various websites. Most of them about that the customer didn’t receive the order. It is very unprofessional from the side of the sellers and this moment gives the only negative impression about this steroid shop.  Of course, such things can happen and they happen but not so often. These reviews are little old and what happens with their delivery at the moment is unknown.


Customer service

After the reading reviews about the delivery here can be made the conclusion that the customer service is not the best. Maybe, they missed something and after that, a lot of the buyers didn’t receive the steroid drugs.



The website of this anabolic shop is made good. From the first side, it looks very nice. The design and colors attract. It will be good to make here the section with the feedbacks. But in general, this site is not bad.



In conclusion, I can say that I don’t recommend this shop and I can explain why. The moments with the prices and of course with the delivery make me confused. To find such reviews is unacceptable. It spoils all the impression about the shop and customer service.