Review review

The given steroid shop began his work in 2016. It was made not so long ago and we can assume that this shop has a little experience in this business. But maybe this experience is enough for doing their job in a great way. Let’s analyze every item separately and will make good or bad conclusion about this online steroid shop.


The prices on some brands can be called high. Because there are other shops with the same quality products and with the better prices for the experienced athletes and of course for the beginners.


You should pay for your delivery regardless of your location. They have set up three shipping types. Every shipping type has the special price. The delivery time is maximum 30 days. One good thing is that all packages have tracking numbers. It is a good idea.

Customer service

On the home page, there is online chat but they are always offline. But, fortunately, you have the possibility to write a message them.


The website is made simple. One thing through which the customer remembers this site is bright colors and colorful pictures. Actually, the website is good, there are some issues, but this is not so important. One bad moment which I found is the bad loading of pages. You should lose a lot of time till you are waiting for page loading.


It is a big question for me to recommend this steroid shop or not. In fact, it would be very good, if I found any feedbacks through the steroid forums. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the quality of the presented gear. Before the ordering here, you should think many times to not make the mistake and do not have a health risk.