steroids-usa review

It is a not very old website. You can find different popular brands here, like Vermodje, Pharmacom, Golden Dragon and others. The shipping is not available worldwide, only for some countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria.


Prices are very high, there are sources where you can find exactly the same products for the half of their price. For example, Oxaver by Vermodje costs here $170, when there are suppliers which sell it for $75 and it is not fake of low-quality.


The quality is good but as we already said, products are overpriced. Brands offered on website are well-known, authorized and high-quality.


There are some negative reviews, customers say that they lost money, trying to order on this website. However, there are not so many of them. It makes you doubt whether to trust or not.

Customer service

Customer support is not bad, it works 24/7 and most of the questions are answered. Problems can happen sometimes but they are quite rare.


The website is bad. It looks very unprofessional, many products don’t have pictures and you can see that developers didn’t spend much time building it. Some sections don’t have anything, like “About Us”, this section is quite important.


Generally, it is not a bad steroid source but since products are overpriced, it wouldn’t be a great choice to buy gear here. There are plenty of suppliers which sell the same brands for much lower cost. Also, the website looks like these guys don’t take it seriously and it makes you trust this seller less.