Steroidscenter was founded in the 2006 and on their website is writing about the availability of the genuine steroids. They have such a popular brand as Alpha Pharma.  A large number of the other brands is also presented. It is best to check the information on the internet about these brands before the ordering because they don’t inspire confidence. Some products are not used so often like other brands.


The prices are a little high. Actually, there are a lot of different shops on the internet with the same products but with the most favorable prices. One of the positive sides is that some of the AAS in the list have the discount. However, this discount will not give you a significant difference from the initial price.


As customers write the quality of the products is good and all testimonials are written in a good way. Actually, a lot of customers who wrote the testimonials only have started the cycles with the products they received. At this point, they can’t understand which are effects from the use of steroids when they wrote these reviews.


The average shipping time is about 2 weeks. Sometimes the delivery is doing faster. This point without any claims.

Customer service

Customer service is quite good. When I wrote them I waited for my answer about two days. I think it should be faster. The support has answered all my questions and the given information was very useful.





Sometimes the page is loading too slowly and navigation works heavily. The waiting takes a lot of time. The website has the necessary information.


In addition, Steroidscenter can have the prices a little lower and the support should be more attentive when they get messages from their clients. The response time is not so fast.