suppdirect review

It is an anabolic steroids supplier based in UK, which has a variety of different brands and substances. You can find here orals, injectables, PCT products, etc. Lately, this source started to het negative reviews from its customers.


Prices are low but it can be explained by the fact that the brands are not very well-known. Popular brands which are known for their high-quality products have higher prices.


Usually, customers say that quality is fine, however, there are many cases when the steroids bought on didn’t have any effect. It may be due to infamous brands, you never know what exactly they put in there.


Too many complaints lately from clients who did not receive their order. The reason for that is unknown and the supplier doesn’t answer that question, so it is probably not a very safe place to order steroids.


Not best looking website, colors are not very good. Anyway, it works quite fast and it is not that hard to find needed products and to place an order. It would be still good to make some changes in the design.

Customer service

Many customers who had problems with their order contacted the seller many times and never got an answer, so customer support is not very good.


Not a trustworthy source. Even though, there are many satisfied clients, there are still many unsatisfied ones, who spent their money and never received their packages. Also, when trying to contact the supplier, never received any message back. If you still are planning to purchase some gear here, do it on your own risk but as you already understood, we do not recommend shopping here.