The main rules of food reception. Review

The main rules of food reception.

In this article, we will discuss about the rules of food reception, how to eat during the day for the increase the muscle mass.

You should consume quick proteins immediately after waking up in the morning and after the training. Take slow proteins before going to bed (cottage cheese will be perfect).

Bellow will be shown an example of how you can plan your day.

  1. After waking up

You should restore your body reserves because your body starved all night. So, you need to take fast carbohydrates and fast proteins. Simple carbohydrates quickly raise the level of sugar in the blood. This is what our body needs after sleeping. Raise the level of sugar helps to speed up our metabolism. Fast proteins can be amino acids. Also, don’t forget to drink one cup of water. You can have the breakfast.


  1. Breakfast

You need complex carbs after the taking simple carbs and fast proteins. Complex carbs will control the level of sugar in the blood. Nutrients should enter into the blood evenly.


  1. The subsequent meals (during the day)

You need to take slow proteins and slow carbohydrates, in order that nutrients enter into the blood evenly. Also, don’t forget to drink water between the meals and of course during the workout.


  1. Before the training

It is well-known that athletes need energy before the training. Best of all will be to consume porridges for example, buckwheat, rice, and cereals. Light protein also gives the energy. It can be yogurt, boiled fish, etc.



  1. After the training

Nutrient timing comes after the training. The food metabolizes faster in this period. It is better to eat fast carbs and fast proteins.


  1. Dinner

After the consuming fast carbs and proteins, you need to take complex cars such as meat, different porridges, pasta etc.


  1. Night snack

No carbohydrates. You need to be focused only on proteins. You can eat for example cottage cheese.