ukroids review

It is a steroid source which is based in the United Kingdom. It offers brands like Roid Plus, Opiox Pharma, Schering, Gen-Shi labs and Organon, which are not very popular. They ship to UK, USA, Canada and Australia.


Prices are good, not too expensive and not too cheap. Some brands are a little more expensive, there are manufacturers that make products of better quality and you can buy it for the same price.


The quality is under a question. There are some people that are not satisfied with the effect. Some of the brands are not well-known which makes you doubt its quality. But still the supplier promises that the products are high-quality.


Delivery is average, some people receive packages a little sooner, other receive later. There are few customers which are angry because they never got their steroids and even when the seller said that he will reship it, goods still never came.

Customer support

Usually, all messages are answered but if you ask too many questions and don’t buy anything, they start ignoring you. Despite that, the customer service is good.


To be honest, website doesn’t look good. Of course there are some which are much uglier but this one is just ok. It is a little complicated to find the exact steroids you are looking for and it can take more time.


In general, it is a not bad online store for buying steroids. Many positive reviews, and still there are negative. So basically, it is up to, to trust this supplier or not to trust.