Whlsldrct.lt Review

whlsldrct Review

The website is one of those who are selling pharmacologic production for the bodybuilding purposes. It is impressive that the overwhelming majority of clients are satisfied with the result of the work of the website. Nevertheless, if we look more carefully through the comments and impressions of the people who used the services, it becomes clear that the website is not so reliable.

There is not a lot that can be said about the price. The situation is akin to the other website. The major part of the products are relatively affordable and cost less than $100, but there are some expensive examples. Besides, the website is offering discounts for some items which looks attractive.

The majority of the clients are fully satisfied with what they received in their orders and with the results after taking in the products. However, such positive reviews are not a surprise. Let’s concentrate on those who are dissatisfied. There are some issues associated with the quality of the products. Some customers are frustrated because the results were worse than they had expected. One claimed to see negative side effects and did not notice the desired effect after carrying out a blood testing. The website’s team sent him another parcel but the result was negative again. So, there are several concerns with the quality.

The situation with delivery is also complicated. A lot of people received their orders, but some did not receive. So, this is not very professional. Besides, the website provides no information on the delivery timeframes.

The website is extremely poorly and unprofessionally designed. A lot of images are absent from the corresponding products or are of low quality. The manufacturers section is empty.

It is highly unreliable. It is not recommended.
Grade – 5