Anabolics and Aromatization

aromatization of steroids

If a person really wants to start with bodybuilding, then he should definitely read this article. We will talk about aromatization of steroids here. In fact, most of the athletes who use steroids, eventually face this. Probably, this information will help to avoid certain side effects, which are often accompanied by the reception of such drugs.

To begin with, it is best to understand exactly what the process is. Aromatization is the conversion of androgens to estrogens. It is possible to explain the essence of this procedure indefinitely, but for a beginner athlete it will be enough to learn that as a result of an overestimated number of estrogens, the probability of side effects increases significantly.

Most often, the aromatization of steroids leads to what is called gynecomastia. It often happens that the water is retained in the body. Of course, all this can be treated, however, it is better to avoid this, because the body will constantly experience stress, which is no longer good. If we speak directly about gynecomastia, then it can be cured only by surgical intervention. As a rule, no complications occur during operations.

How to protect yourself from the aromatization of steroids?

To minimize the likelihood of such problems, athletes take drugs which are known as anti-estrogens. Once they are in the body, they start doing everything to prevent the appearance of a large number of estrogens. It should be noted that it is also necessary to take them correctly. Otherwise, you can cause even more damage to your body. Quite common drugs aimed at suppressing undesirable processes are arimidex and citadren. It is worth noting that the first is considered the most powerful among all, and therefore treat its reception as responsibly as possible.

As a beginner athlete, in order to avoid aromatization of steroids, you should approach the cycle as closely as possible. To do this, consult some more experienced bodybuilders. Probably, they will be able to give a couple of tips. Now you know what aromatization of steroids means, and what effect it has on the body. Do everything to protect yourself.