Antiestrogens and how to use steroids safely


Antiestrogens are the most widely used drugs in bodybuilding. It is believed that they make steroid use safer, and also increase testosterone levels. Is it true or not?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what are estrogens. Estrogens are female hormones, which are also present in the male body. They are needed in order to have a qualitative muscle growth, as well as to maintain the immune system. It is believed that an excessive amount of them in the blood is undesirable, since the increase in these blood hormones contributes to the development of cancer.

So, if estrogens are common hormones in the body of a man and a woman, then anti-estrogens are those hormones that have the opposite effect. And this means that they are made in order to reduce the effect of hormonal drugs on the body.

All this means that anti-estrogens act as a defender of the body, if explained in an accessible language. The use of all kinds of steroids, without them, can be extremely dangerous, and cause serious side effects.

Antiestrogens for men mean a lot. If a man does not use them, then there is a very high probability of getting a very terrible disease. First of all, it is believed that if you do not use them, you can get cancer in all sorts of stages.

Since most anabolic steroids have hormones in their composition, the use of antiestrogens is vital. In addition to cancer, you can get sexual dysfunction, baldness, serious problems with the nervous system. It means, a person can turn into an incompetent person. But this does not mean that anyone should use such drugs. All these conclusions are based on general studies. Given that each body has its own specifics, and its characteristics, then maybe some people can take steroids and without protection. But still, it is not recommended to do this, so as not to test fate. Plus, do not forget that before beginning any cycle, it is worth consulting with a doctor. Perhaps you are generally not allowed to use steroid drugs.

Anti-estrogens on the cycle take a separate place altogether. They provide the body with substances that will be able to fight with estrogens, and also will not allow hormones from used steroids to become malignant. It is recommended to take anti-estrogens only if hormonal steroids are used. It’s not at all necessary to take them if you use an innocuous steroid that you need to dry the body a little. In that case, there is no need for them. If you use them together with conventional, non-hormonal steroids, there is a risk that there will be no results at all. Because the active substances will extinguish the effect of this or that drug. Thus, your cycle absolutely does not lead to anything. Perhaps only to a deterioration in health.