Cutting Cycle

cutting cycle

The cutting is a very important process for some athletes because it helps to lose fat and to increase the muscle mass. A lot of men use cutting because their main goal is to get the perfect body.

You should use not only steroids but also do not forget about the workouts during the cycle.

The real cutting is the combination of workouts, proper nutrition, and steroids.

The main goal of the steroids during the cutting cycle

Don’t use too many anabolic steroids. It should be in moderation and balanced. The steroid’s goal is to protect the muscles. There are 3 steroids which will be good for the cutting cycle. It is Testoxyl Propionate, Turanaxyl, and Oxandroxyl.

The dosages

  1. Turanaxyl – 20mg, twice a day
  2. Oxandroxyl – also 20mg, twice a day
  3. Testoxyl Propionate – 50-100mg, every 2 days.

The anabolic steroids help to lose fat. Also, there are two more drugs for the fat loss with the different side effects. These steroids are very effective.

Fat burners

Fat burner helps to increase metabolism and to decrease the water from the body. Methyldrene is a good fat burner. It is very important to use right dosages.

Sports nutrition, amino acids, the complex of vitamins. It is a great combination for fat loss.

The duration of the cutting should last from 6 to 8 weeks. If it last longer, the athlete may have problems with the health.

The best variant will be to consult with the professional in order not to have problems during the cutting.