First Beginner’s Cycle

first beginner cycle

Increasing the effectiveness of building muscle through regular training is possible with anabolic drugs. They accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the synthesis of proteins. But in order to obtain an effective result without harm to health, it is important to follow some rules.

Drugs are usually taken in the form of injections or tablets. In the first case, the agent enters the body more quickly, and the second way is easier and more accessible. In addition, any of the ways of delivery of the active substance has its own contraindications, individual for each person. Which to choose? It is advisable to start the first cycle of steroids for a beginner with an easier method. However, it is not necessary to linger at this stage, as some substances can not be taken orally and, by limiting oneself to one way of taking medications, the athlete will not be able to get the proper effect. In any case, consultation with a doctor is mandatory.

Steroids for the first steroid cycle

Choosing drugs, it is necessary to focus on the mechanism of action of a particular substance, the period of its removal from the body and the individual characteristics of the athlete. In the first cycle for a beginner, it is desirable to include those that have a minimal side effect. Like any other drug, androgenic anabolic steroids also have such a disadvantage. In addition, for the initial steroid cycle, drugs that do not stay in the body for a long time are recommended, so that when undesirable effects are manifested it is possible to quickly remove the negative phenomena.

Such qualities are possessed by a number of anabolic steroids.

  • It’s an oral steroid. The drug acts quickly and allows you to build muscle mass in a short time. After 4-5 weeks after the cycle of dianoxyl, the result becomes noticeable. In the future, you need to pause, canceling its use, given the strong effect of this steroid on liver cells.
  • Winstrol continues a number of oral medications. Although its action is slightly slower, but as a result, the muscles are growing more evenly. It also has less toxic effect, does not cause the water retention in the body. Usually, Winstrol is recommended to be used for 5 weeks.
  • Testosterone and its derivatives is a quick-acting injectable agent. It is used as a steroid for beginners only in exceptional cases, taking into account multiple side effects: aggressiveness, water retention in the body, increased fat content of the skin, increased mammary glands.
  • Nandroxyl in its properties is similar to testosterone, but its effectiveness is slightly lower. True, and the side effect is manifested to a lesser extent. The drug is withdrawn quite slowly, therefore, when preparing for competitions it is desirable to exclude it for several months.

If you consult with the doctor, on the basis of these or other means it is possible to make an individual first steroid cycle for a beginner athlete.