How to deal with rollback syndrome?

how to deal with rollback syndrome

The athlete feels the significant increase in the power indicators and in the muscle mass during the using of AAS. Of course, only if the dosages are right it is possible. The physical indicators and increased muscle mass begin to decrease when the cycle is finished.

Experienced athletes practice the long-term cycles. However, the fact that the body needs to rest from the AAS is not in doubt. Usually, the progress of the athlete is possible after the rest. It is necessary to find out the causes of this unpleasant effect.

The reasons of rollback syndrome

The muscle tissue grows as a result of their hypertrophy. This process significantly increases during the steroids intake and proper nutrition. Also, the physical activity is important. These 3 components will give the best results in muscle gain.

Stop the rollback syndrome is possible with the use of therapeutic dosages of steroids. Also, it is called «bridge». It means that the athlete continues to use the steroids after the ending the cycle. The dosages must be minimal. All organs work in the same regime but body burden is minimal. It will be better to use injections during the bridge because the tablets more influence on the kidneys and on the liver.

Moreover, the athlete must reduce the burden and the caloric intake of the food.

The duration of the bridge depends on the athlete and his sensations. The athlete can begin the new cycle if he is sure that his body is partly restored.

How to slow down the rollback syndrome?

The athlete needs to start taking antiestrogens in order to increase the secretion of his own male hormone. Clomid and Nolvadex are the most effective for this.

It is known that a low level of testosterone results the rollback syndrome. It should be restoring the production of endogenous male hormone for the minimizing the decrease of muscle mass.

AAS creatine can be used in the rest period between the cycles.

he duration of workouts should be shorter. And training should be no more than 3 times per week. The workout duration should be reduced to 30 minutes.

Your rollback will be minimal if you follow these simple rules. You can choose your way to stop this effect and your body will look perfect.