How to Take Steroids Properly

how to take steroids

Any medical product, including anabolic steroids, is required to be taken correctly, observing the exact dosage and the intended use schedule. How to take steroids so that the effect of them is stable, maximally effective and minimally harmful?

Seven basic rules for taking steroids

  1. Steroids are taken in cycles, necessarily making periods of rest between them. Duration of use of each of the them should not exceed 3 months. Approximately this duration is also done by the break in the cycle.
  2. Any of the drugs are taken in the minimum therapeutic dose in the beggining, which is then gradually increased, making the process more natural for the body. Increase the dosage produced after about 7-10 days. From the middle of the cycle, the same gradual decrease in the amount of the substance taken begins. Then the drug is canceled.
  3. Schemes of admission consist of alternation of drugs. In some cases, simultaneous use of several steroids, usually two or three, is recommended. So it is possible to strengthen their influence on the formation of muscles, weakening the negative effect.
  4. Along with steroids, it is generally recommended to take concomitant medications: supporting liver function, regulating pressure, correcting the production of sex hormones, etc. The same drugs are often prescribed between anabolic steroid cycle.
  5. Do not exceed the dosage in any case. Since taking steroids in unnecessary amounts is simply useless, sometimes the opposite effect may occur and the probability of side effects increases many times.
  6. Always remember that anabolic androgenic steroids are not the main mechanism causing muscle growth. They only allow to consolidate the result obtained with intensive physical exertion and supplemented with a correct balanced diet.
  7. Choice of the drug and the duration of the cycle should be under the guidance of a physician because taking steroids must be strictly individual: attention is paid to dosage, duration of use, combination of steroids.

What to pay attention to when taking steroids

It is not necessary to begin the use of steroid preparations literally from the first days of trainings. It is necessary to initially build a certain amount of the muscular apparatus. Recommendations of specialists agree that at the time of the beginning of pharmaceutical support of training, the mass of muscles should approach 50%.

For young adherents of bodybuilding, too, there is a restriction associated with the hormonal nature of anabolic drugs. Admission of such drugs is permissible for persons over 21 years of age. Moreover, the young organism itself produces a large number of androgens and the growth of muscle mass occurs naturally and quite intensively.