Review review

Mcsteroids was made about 4 years ago. They sell anabolic steroids, peptides, and different supplements for the athletes. Also, they work with the well-known brands. This information you can find on the internet forums.


The prices are little high. But it mostly depends on the brand. Some drugs have favorable prices. Of course, the customer can find other steroid shops with the more suitable prices.


You can find a great difference of opinion on the forums. Views vary, from good to bad. Actually, some of the represented drugs are positioning themselves as the high quality anabolic steroids.


There are different feedbacks about the delivery. Someone writes that all is good but also there and negative comments. Sometimes the athlete didn’t receive the parcel with AAS. This makes it difficult to understand how is quality of the delivery.

Customer service

Didn’t find any information or feedbacks about the customer service. One thing I found is that you can write them the message. How fast you will get your answer, it is untraceable.


The given website is made in good way. It is strange that they connected their brand with the McDonalds and they took logo from them. Such things should be individual and unique. They haven’t any testimonials on their page. Also, no live chat section.


Analyzing all the items mentioned above, it is not recommended to buy the anabolic drugs here. Or if you want to try the gear here, you need to think many times before it. The quality and the given shop is very doubtful.