Review review

First of all, the has the great amount of the brands. The shop positions itself like authorized steroid shop with the steroid stock and great quality of products. You can find such brands as Balkan Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma on their website. In this list, there are widespread products and at the same time very doubtful brands which are used rarely.


The prices are very low in comparison with other steroid sources. I have analyzed the prices of other shops and it made me confused. The larger part of the products has too low prices. The prices are not credible; they can be medium but not so discounted.


As the customers write the quality is good. They are satisfied with the effects of the received drugs. You can find only positive reviews on this steroid shop.


There is no concrete information about the delivery. Usually it takes not so much time. The duration of the delivery can be to 20 days. The support advice to insure the pack because can appear some of the issues during the shipment.

Customer service

There is no presented online chat on the website. You need to register on the site for making the order and for the asking any questions. It takes the time.


Actually, the design is simple. There is nothing extraordinary and unique. On the home page are reviews, products, and additional information. By the way, all the products are mixed in the list and this complicates.


The prices cause major doubts, but on the other hand they have wide range of the products. Any issues are also presented, like in delivery and customer service. It will be better to think about these items before the ordering from this shop.