Safe Bulking Steroids

safe steroids

In general, safety and higher efficacy is noted in injectable preparations. But in some cases it is preferable to use steroids in oral form, in the form of ointments or gels. The main indicators of medicinal harmlessness are the pharmaceutical characteristics of its active substance.

Safe bulking steroids

If you have a goal to choose the safest steroids, but with sufficient effectiveness, you should pay attention to the following drugs.

  • Nandrolone, which is also sold under the names Deca and Nandroxyl 250, is one of the least toxic agents for muscle mass gain. Its advantages are a low index of androgenic effect and a weak manifestation of the phenomenon of recoil. Apply Retabolil as a solo drug, and in combination with other steroids. The negative effect of Nandrolone is manifested in erectile dysfunction.
  • Methandrostenalone (other names Methane or Dianoxyl) is currently the most popular among athletes. A small number of harmful side effects, combined with the quickness of influence on the buildup of skeletal muscles – its important advantages. Unfortunately, the drug is characterized by a high rate of recoil, it can be converted into estrogen.
  • Turinabol (synonyms Turanaxyl, Nerobolil) is largely similar in structure to Methandrostenalone. Similarly, its physiological effect on the body. Its advantages are a low degree of conversion to estrogen, an obstacle to the water retention. Disadvantage: toxicity on the liver is manifested in a somewhat greater degree.
  • Testosterone tolerates the body well. It is absorbed without creating a feeling of discomfort. At the same time, the effectiveness of the drug is quite high. At various stages of training use its various derivatives. The disadvantages include a strong influence on the sexual sphere.

Cutting steroids

Choosing the safest steroids for forming a muscle structure, you should pay attention to Stanoxyl, otherwise called Winstrol or simply “Winnie”. It creates little problems for the kidneys and liver, does not convert into estrogen, causes almost no water retention. Nandrolone and Methandrostenalone are the safest drugs used at the stage of muscle growth, can also be used for cutting.