Review review

The British shop Steroidshopuk sells AAS since 2007. This fact creates the impression of the experienced company with the high quality products. In their list there are lot of manufactures with which they collaborate.


Firstly, I didn’t find the prices on the all anabolic drugs. Actually, there is a wide range of the AAS in the list but something strange happen with the prices. The part of the products has no prices at all. They must do something with this problem. The customer can find also discount on the different types of the AAS.


What can be said about the quality? There are no reviews on their official website and on the other sources too. By the way, they write on their page that the quality is good and their clients are always satisfied with the received gear. As we can tell from the information on the website.


This info is also taken from their website. The delivery time is to 12 days. In fact, it is quick. Moreover, delivery time is longer if the location is far away.

Customer service

They haven’t live chat on their page, you can send only the message. The response time is unknown.


Too much information on the main page. Everything must be easy and constructed. Some info is unnecessary. It must be in other sections.


There are some shortcomings on their website and this situation makes it difficult to find all information concerning the own experiences, the prices and others things. However, the website needs to be improved.