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Anabolics and Aromatization

If a person really wants to start with bodybuilding, then he should definitely read this article. We will talk about aromatization of steroids here. In fact, most of the athletes who use steroids, eventually face this. Probably, this information will help to avoid certain side effects, which are often accompanied by the reception of such

First Beginner’s Cycle

Increasing the effectiveness of building muscle through regular training is possible with anabolic drugs. They accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the synthesis of proteins. But in order to obtain an effective result without harm to health, it is important to follow some rules. Drugs are usually taken in the form of injections or tablets. In

How to deal with rollback syndrome?

The athlete feels the significant increase in the power indicators and in the muscle mass during the using of AAS. Of course, only if the dosages are right it is possible. The physical indicators and increased muscle mass begin to decrease when the cycle is finished. Experienced athletes practice the long-term cycles. However, the fact