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Anabolics and Aromatization, Mechanism of Biochemical Aromatization of Steroids

If a person really wants to start with bodybuilding, then he should definitely read this article. We will talk about aromatization of steroids here. In fact, most of the athletes who use steroids, eventually face this. Probably, this information will help to avoid certain side effects, which are often accompanied by the reception of such

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

It is a popular pharmaceuticals manufacturer situated in Moldova, which was founded in 2006. Its first medicines on Ukrainian market were registered in 2009. Currently, the company produces 127 different types of medicines, among which there are antitumor preparations, hormonal, preparations with effect on nervous system, digestive, preparations with anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, etc. Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Vermodje is a popular pharmaceuticals production, located in eastern Europe, in Moldova. It also manufactures high-quality steroids which you can find on many different sources. The company was founded in 2001, in a clean suburban area. In 2013, they build a new laboratory with new hi-tech equipment to correspond all the standards and produce dugs

This website offers only KodiakQueen products, there is no other choice of brands. Most of positive reviews found on forums are fake. That’s why many people order there relying on fake positive reviews, not knowing the truth. Prices The prices are pretty high, actually some products cost too much. There is a variety of suppliers

One of the mono-brand websites that sells self-made products. Source country is China. Manufacturing and shipping happens in China. Due to this there are a lot of question regarding quality and safety of steroids manufacturing by Pharmacom company. Handicraft industry is not an advantage of this source. Costumer service Costumer service is quite good. They