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The problem of the water retention in the body Review

The athletes face with the different side effects during the cycle. The water retention is the most common effect. The increase muscle mass consists of the water but not of the muscles. Actually, it happens because of the sharp accumulation of the water in the cells. This side effect appears because of the different reasons,

The instruction for the application of the first cycle. Review

Below are the drugs which will be needed for the first cycle. Danabol – the active substance is Methandienone Strombafort – the active substance is Stanazolol Tamoxifen – the great drug for the first cycle The period of the first cycle for beginners is short. It is necessary to have 100 tablets of Danabol, 100

The cycle Winstrol + Nandrolone Decanoate Review

You will need 5 vials of Nandrolone Decanoate and of course Winstrol. Also, this cycle can be used by beginners. The fact is that the dosages used are safe and don’t give negative effects. Moreover, you will gain about 4kg of mass during this cycle and also will increase your power indicators.   Besides, the

The cycle Stanozolol + Primobolan Review

You will need 2 packages of Stanozolol in tablets and 10 vials of Primobolan. There are 200 tablets in one package of Stanozolol. The best way will be to buy the qualitative products then to not have any health problems. The cycle of Stanozolol and Primobolan is light and gives the increase of lean muscle

The cutting cycle for men with the usage of AAS Review

The cutting is a very important process for some athletes because it helps to lose fat and to increase the muscle mass. A lot of men use cutting because their main goal is to get the perfect body. You should use not only steroids but also do not forget about the workouts during the cycle.

Steroids and heart Review

Actually, there are different talk about steroids. Some people say that anabolic steroids have a negative influence on the health and also on the heart. In this article, we will try to understand how influences the use of steroids on the heart. You can find a lot of information about terrible side effects through the

How to use testosterone esters properly? Review

How to use testosterone esters properly? Testosterone is the most effective and safe drug among all existing hormones. It can be used by beginners and also by professional athletes. Testosterone gives perfect results in bodybuilding and in the force sports. This drug can be used during the cutting and during the bulking. There are also


The diet must include protein, it is the building material of the muscles and their protector against destruction. Under the influence of gastric juice, the protein breaks down to amino acids, in the muscle tissue the amino acids are again aligned in chains, this is how the new muscle tissue is formed.   As we