steroids for sale review

This source sells some popular steroid brands like Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, etc. There are many happy customers but some of the clients are very disappointed.


Prices are affordable and products are not very expensive which is a good thing. Also, the supplier offers some small discounts when your order is worth a big amount of money.


Most products sold on the website are high-quality. However, there are some reviews which say that the company sells fakes. It can be true, since it is based in Israel and there are often problems with medication.


The supplier promises delivery within 21 days. Sometimes it comes earlier but there are also people who say that their package got lost and never arrived. For example, somebody ordered three products and only one came, he contacted the seller and he promised to reship but the customer still never got his goods.

Customer support

Customer service is good, it is working 24/7. They answer to almost every message and usually clients are satisfied with the support.


Website looks unprofessional and not very trustworthy. It is still not very difficult to navigate though. Some sections of the site have virtually no content and it is also not very professional.


This supplier offers mostly high-quality gear and prices are affordable but since there are concerns from clients about long delivery, lost packages and sometimes fake products, it is not very safe.