This shop began to work from 2014. They got quite a lot of products and brands during the 3 years of their existence. The information on the home page gives high expectations about this shop and about their products.


Prices are too high! Beginners can’t spend so much money on AAS. This is a big disadvantage for such athletes. For example, the Alpha Pharma prices on the certain products are overestimated twice as on other steroid stores. The clients will be not pleased and they won’t buy AAS from this shop at all. They should think that there are a large number of other steroids shops with the same high quality drugs, good prices, and discount.


Really, I didn’t find the information about the quality of the given AAS. No reviews on their official website and also no reviews on other sources. I can’t make the conclusion about the quality of these gear in this item at all.


This shop promises that you will receive the package within 5 business days regardless of your location.

 Customer service

You can write only an email to the support team. How long it will take to get the answer, this is unknown.


The website is difficult to use. It has some issues. The text is written in the bright colors. It is hard to read the information on the page.


As the conclusion, I don’t advise to make the order here. Firstly, because of the high prices. Why should the customer overpay? He can find better prices with the same anabolic steroids. Secondly, the lack of reviews. That’s disturbing. But it will be your decision to make the order here or not.