Xroids.com Review

xroids review

The supplier offers many popular high-quality brands, such as Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, etc. As usually, there are many positive and negative reviews on forums. Here you can find an average detailed opinion and decide whether it is a good source for you or not.


The prices are good; products are not expensive. They don’t give their clients any discounts though. Maybe it is a good thing because if the product is really good-quality there is no way it can be sold for a small price. But still they could give at least little discounts to some loyal clients.


You can find expensive high-quality brand and some of a not very good quality. Based on reviews, we can say that many customers are satisfied with steroids that are being sold there. We can say that quality is not bad.


There are many negative replies from clients because they didn’t receive what they ordered. It sometimes takes too much time for a package to arrive or sometimes it never arrives. Then you have to message the seller about that and wait till they reply, (if they do, of course).

Customer service

xroids.com employees try to reply to every message they get. However, it doesn’t always happen so you need to send them messages few times in a row and hope to get an answer.


Usability of the site is not bad. The design looks pretty good and all processes are simple and clear. Shouldn’t be a problem for its users to find needed information and products.


Due to not very good customer service and problems with delivery it is not a very safe source to buy steroids. However, prices for the quality are tempting and if you still decide you want to place an order here, do it on your own risk.