What Is the Best Oral Steroid

oral steroids

Every day there are more and more athletes who use oral steroids in order to get huge muscles. Some time ago, athletes spent a lot of time in the gym trying to achieve this result, today the younger generation prefers to act a little differently. After all, people are too lazy to work out for a long time, and knowing that steroids speed up the process of recovery and muscle growth, they use it. Of course, that after the first cycle no one will become Schwarzenegger but nevertheless the growth process will be accelerated.

It should be noted that taking different medications will make the athlete not only muscular, but also enduring.

What to expect from most oral steroids?

  1. Absence of side effects if the specified dosage is observed
  2. Increase in quality muscle mass (not all of them).
  3. Possible water retention in the body (it all depends on the type of steroid).
  4. The body will have a natural appearance.
  5. Acne are possible on the back and on the face, during the reception (caused only by drugs that can convert to estrogen).
  6. Possible loss of libido after the end of the cycle, the so-called hormonal pit. The organism needs some time to restore the production of its own sex hormones. Since after stopping the intake of artificial hormones, its level decreases, the decline is still beginning at the time of admission, as the body sees that there are a lot of them in the body. As a rule, the rate of hormones exceeds several times the natural rate, that’s why it happens. If everything is done correctly, and you do not exceed the dosage, then nothing terrible will happen to you! If you take very large doses, then there is a risk of getting problems with the reproductive system.
  7. Muscles will be maximally embossed or inflated, it all depends on the type of steroid.
  8. The result can be saved for a long time or drained after the cycle. It also depends on your knowledge and the selected steroid.
  9. As a rule, post-cycle therapy will be needed.

If you really want to achieve these results, then you should pay attention to:

  • Anadroxyl – One of the most powerful steroids. It can be compared even with methane in tablets. It is very popular among beginners. For a month, you can gain up to three kilograms of pure muscles. If there is a need to get rid of excess fat, this steroid will be the best choice. Do not take more than five tablets a day.
  • Turanaxyl can boast a remarkable anabolic effect. It does not retain water in the body. The price is quite high, but it’s worth it. Take after meals 4-5 tablets a day. You will gain quality mass.
  • Oxandroxyl – sold only in tablet form. Very expensive, but at the same time, it is considered the safest of the proposed list. For beginners 4 tablets a day will be enough, and for professionals – 7 tabs. Increases strength, burns fat and improves muscle definition.

Now you know a little more about oral steroids.