They have a great variety of cheap manufacturers. Among famous brands there are only Alpha and Kalpa. The supplier has very many infamous and cheap brands.


Prices are pretty good. However, very often there are big discounts, about 50% on cheap brands. With high-quality gear it is virtually impossible to have such discounts, since high-quality brands are expensive. Its manufacturing requires high-quality expensive materials, lab tests, etc. which cost a lot. So, if you see a 50% discount on a good gear, then it is probably fake or crap. There is no way they would sell a good product so cheap, it doesn’t make any sense. You have to beware when buying cheap steroids, there is a big chance of being scammed.


As we already said, the quality of products is not the best. There are some of good quality and some of a not very high quality.


Talking about delivery, it is usually not very good. Many customers say that they didn’t receive their packages. Very often there are problems with shipping, and it definitely is not an advantage.

Customer support

Customer service is not stable at all. Sometimes they answer and sometimes they don’t. It is also quite a problem because many athletes are not sure what exactly they need for their cycle and the seller should be able to recommend something and reply as quickly as possible.


It is not very hard to use the website, everything looks good. Purchasing process is clear and you shouldn’t have any difficulties.


In conclusion, quality – mainly cheap low-quality products; prices – good, with 50% discounts; delivery – not very good; costumer support – not stable. If you still decide to buy from this supplier, do it on your own risk.