First Steroid Cycle

first cycle

Below are the drugs which will be needed for the first cycle.

  • Dianoxyl – the active substance is Methandienone
  • Stanoxyl – the active substance is Stanazolol
  • Nolvaxyl – the great drug for the first cycle

The period of the first cycle for beginners is short. It is necessary to have 100 tablets of Dianoxyl, 100 tablets of Stanoxyl, and 30 tablets of Nolvaxyl.

The duration of the cycle is 4 weeks and after the end is important to do the PCT (post cycle therapy).

You can increase the strength and the mass in 4 weeks during the first cycle

This first cycle is for athletes who didn’t take anabolic steroids before or for beginners who had the cycle with Methane.

This cycle will help to increase the mass and strength, and also the athlete will see how the body reacts on steroids. The results for every person are individual. All depends on how the body reacts on steroids, nutrition, workouts, and regeneration. You can gain 6-8kg of the muscle mass if all sides are balanced. These sides are the consummation of proteins, carbohydrates, calories, 8 hours of sleep per day, and individual workouts program. The results can be better among the different athletes.

Exactly, Dianoxyl intake for the first cycle gives the increase of the power indicators and the significant increase in the muscle mass. And these effects are in just 4 weeks.

It is easy to buy Dianoxyl and Stanoxyl in internet sources. Methandienone and Strombafort give the main results. The first drug is for muscle gain and the second drug saves the muscle mass and also helps to make this mass lean.

The Nolvaxyl intake is necessarily for PCT.  Actually, Tamoxifen raises the production of own testosterone and decrease the aromatization.

How to use these drugs?

The cycle is divided into 2 parts. Each last 25 days and the next is PCT.

  • Dianoxyl – 4 tablets per day, every 4-5 hours. The duration of Dianoxyl intake is 25 days.
  • Stanoxyl – is taken in the same way and duration doesn’t change.
  • Nolvaxyl – we end the cycle with this drug, it is recommended to use 2 tablets the first 3 days. Further, only 1 tablets per day during the 34 days.

The first cycle is safe for the beginners and the side effects should not appear.