Stanozolol + Primobolan Cycle Review

stanozolol primobolan cycle

You will need 2 packages of Stanozolol in tablets (Stanoxyl) and 10 vials of Primobolan. There are 200 tablets in one package of Stanozolol.

The best way will be to buy the qualitative products then to not have any health problems.

The cycle of Stanozolol and Primobolan is light and gives the increase of lean muscle mass.

In fact, the cycle is harmless because it doesn’t give such side effects like gynecomastia and aromatization. The cycle with Stanozolol + Primobolan is ideal for athletes who have the problems with body fat. The second drug helps to keep the achieved result and to stop the rollback syndrome. Moreover, the regeneration after the cycle is much faster.

Firstly, the athlete should be tested in the laboratory before the cycle. Then should be the consultation with the specialist on the choice of the steroid cycle. Also, do not forget about the nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and daily workouts.

The dosages during the cycle

  • The 1st week – the dosage is 3 tablets of Stanozolol per day
  • From the 2nd to the 7th week – the dosage is 4 tablets per day
  • From the 1st to the 7th week – 1 vial of Primobolan = 1 injection, every third day

Effects from Stanozolol + Primobolan

  1. The growth of lean muscles
  2. Increase of the physical endurance
  3. Muscles become dense and hard
  4. Increase of the metabolic processes
  5. Fat burning effect
  6. The reducing of water retention

The use of these steroids doesn’t affect the hormonal and reproductive system. This cycle is one of the best among the athletes.