Vermodje Review

vermodje review

Vermodje Reviews
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Vermodje is a popular pharmaceuticals production, located in eastern Europe, in Moldova. It also manufactures high-quality steroids which you can find on many different sources.

The company was founded in 2001, in a clean suburban area. In 2013, they build a new laboratory with new hi-tech equipment to correspond all the standards and produce dugs of a better quality. Currently, Vermodje is able to produce up to 60 thousand pills per day.

All employees are certified and have good experience which allows to manufacture safe and effective steroids. Also, there are strict rules regarding personal hygiene, and only special clothes must be worn during working process. All staff is going through periodic medical examination, to make sure everyone is in good health. Employees with chronic diseases are not allowed to work.

Equipment is always upgrading and there are held trainings and qualifications for staff to have better and more modern ways of manufacturing. Everything is kept clean and sterile, all the sites and all equipment.

Vermodje has several awards from Healthcare Ministry of Moldova, some of their products, such as Andover, Naposim, Stanover, Turinover and others got certificates for highest quality and effectiveness.

Products by Vermodje became very popular among bodybuilders. The prices are good and many users say that quality is great. Most commonly known are: Anastrover, Decaver, Mastever, Halotever, Testover, Trenaver.

It is only few years since they entered steroid business and it went quite well for them. Also, you may find negative reviews about Vermodje product, where people complaint about low efficiency. It is because there are many fakes on the market.