Water retention in the body

water retention

The athletes face with the different side effects during the cycle. The water retention is the most common effect. The increase muscle mass consists of the water but not of the muscles. Actually, it happens because of the sharp accumulation of the water in the cells.

This side effect appears because of the different reasons, for example, the wrong combination of the drugs, substances intolerance which is included in the cycle, and etc. The athlete who chooses the cycle must know, for example, that Anadroxyl acts in such way that the cells begin to attract the water. But Dianoxyl formed phosphocreatine in the muscles and it also retains the water.

The beginners must know that wrong cycle gives such effect like hydration. It’s better not to try to make it by yourself but to find a good specialist who will draw up the correct cycle.

How to stop water retention in the body?

If the cycle was made correctly, the problem with the water retention doesn’t appear. However, if there are symptoms of the water retention, you should find the causes.

You should review the diet and include more vegetables, fruits, and cereals in your diet.

– The long walks, jogs, and cycling will help to remove the excess water.

– You need to drink 2 liters of the water during the day.

– The toxins and lack of the oxygen also provoke hydration. In this situation, you need to drink fresh juices, herbal teas, and the products with the vitamin C.

– By the way, the red grapes help to reduce this side effect.

– And of course, there are drugs which can help to decrease the quantity of the water in the body.

How to select the right cycle?

There is the list of anabolic steroids which can’t be combined with the certain drugs. It can give serious health risk of the athlete. Other drugs can be used with correct dosages. Only if you follow some important rules you will achieve the expected results.