Review review

The steroid shop Iroids has been around 6 years. They offer the anabolic steroids made by GS laboratory. Other brands this shop doesn’t sell. You can make the choice only from the 11 drugs. Very poor choice for the moment. In fact, these kind of AAS are widely developed and the most effective. On their website, there are only great reviews about the quality, delivery, and effects from anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, you can find also bad comments on the other forums and sources. There is written about the bad quality and in general that their products are fake.


You can find the discounts on all the products. The prices are good. But in spite of that, these prices can be lower, because this brand is not so popular and the choice is quite poor. Also, a lot of people say about the waste of money.


On the Iroids is written about the great quality and that the AAS are very effective. Other forums write about the inefficiency of the ingredients which are in these anabolic steroids. Some customers say that the drugs are like supplements. The quality may be questionable.


I didn’t find the delivery time in the reviews of the customers. You can see it only in the section with delivery information. They write that the delivery time is from 10 to 25 days. 25 days is too long for the waiting.

Customer service

It is important to note that they have no online chat. If you have a simple question you need to write an email and to wait for the answer. It will take a great deal of time.


The design of this shop is very simple. Perhaps, the home page has a lot of information. All the products, stacks, and reviews on the left side of the page are too much for one page.


To tell the truth, there are different opinions about this shop. We can make the conclusion that they can add other brands in their list in order to provide the customers more choice. The delivery time should be faster and the main page should be more structured and simpler in the use. And do not forget about online chat, this should be done for the customer usability.