What is Nandrolone Decanat? Effects, Dose and Side Effects Review


Nandralone is the most common and popular AAS in the world. Moreover, it is classic anabolic. Experts point out that Nandrolone has the longest effect on the cellular receptors responsible for anabolic processes. It is important to note that Nandralone has a stimulating effect on the synthesis of protein in the body, provokes the retention of nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorides, and phosphorus, and this leads to an increase in muscle mass and the acceleration of bone growth. It should be noted, that Nandrolone practically isn’t toxic for a liver.


Effects of Nandrolone

Nandralone is used in injections. This medicine acts slowly and because of it increasing of muscle come gradually. It is well known that Nandralone gives a lot of positive effects.

First of all, let us try to understand which are effects from Nandralone? Firstly, the most important thing is that Nandralone gives increased muscle growth, it is possible to gain up to 8 kg during one cycle with minimal rollback syndrome. Improvement of oxygen transport, therefore big endurance, strengthening of bones and ligaments. This all effects gives Nandrolone. By the way, who has joint pains it really will solve this problem during the taking Nandralone.



The optimal duration of the cycle is 8 weeks. Don’t forget to add Cabergoline during the cycle. It will help you to eliminate progesterone activity. Usually, injections are doing once a week. Nevertheless, it is enough because it has long half-life period. The average optimal dose is 200-400 mg. For beginners will be good 200 mg.

Besides, don’t forget that Tamoxifen on PCT after the Nandralone cannot be used. Also, Nandrolone cannot be combined with other progestins (Trenbolone, Anadrol, Anapolone)

To get the maximum effect from the use of AAS, you need to eat right and adhere to the regime, it is also desirable to use sports supplements: protein, geyner, creatine, vitamin complexes, amino acids.


Side effects

Periodically, athletes note increased pressure, acne, gynecomastia and headaches. To minimize side effects, it is necessary to apply prolactin inhibitors, such as Bromocriptine or Cabergoline.