Review Review

The AnaboRoid online shop offers you top quality products, best customer service, and many benefits for valid customers. They sell only genuine products from original manufacturers. All this information you can find on their official website.


They have really good prices on all the products. The list of the brands is quite big, but some brands have only one or some products. It should be corrected. It is one of the minuses, but the prices still are nice.


Actually, they guarantee standard delivery within 6-8 business days in European countries, in non-European countries the delivery duration is doing with the same time. I think that the delivery cannot be done so fast because can appear any problems with the postal service or may arise the delay during the shipping. The time should be written more abstract, to not give the chance for the customer that he will get the parcel so fast.

Customer service

There is no any information or any feedback about the customer service. You can send them a message and to wait for your answer.


The website is hard to use. Some items are done incorrectly and sometimes the pages are uploaded not so quick as one would wish. One thing which I like is that the products with the similar effects are divided into the special sections.


I don’t know can I recommend you this anabolic shop or not. The pluses and minuses are presented and it makes me confused in my decision and in my opinion about this online shop. But in conclusion, I will not recommend you this shop but you can try to use the anabolic drugs at your discretion. The AnaboRoid should be improved and to be more attentive with their production and to make a good reputation about them.